Suzaku Observation : 504089010


HTTP dir XIS HXD for pipe-line products
SUZAKU MASTER for master database
UDON2 to quickly extract spectrum and light-curve
JUDO2 to compare with XMM, MAXI, ASCA and other data
Fits Header
TELESCOP= 'SUZAKU  '           / Telescope (mission) name
OBS_ID  = '504089010'          / Observation identification string
OBSERVER= 'KATSUJI KOYAMA'     / Principal Investigator
OBJECT  = 'GALACTIC_BULGE2'    / Name of observed object
OBS_REM = '        '           / remark on observation
RA_OBJ  =             267.5529 / planned target R.A.(deg)
DEC_OBJ =             -29.5992 / planned target DEC.(deg)
RA_NOM  = 2.675552000000000E+02 / Right Ascension of target (deci. deg)
DEC_NOM = -2.959900000000000E+01 / Declination of target (deci. deg)
PA_NOM  =             277.9812 / nominal position angle from north to DETY(deg)
MEAN_EA1=     267.555209178336 / mean of the 1st ZYZ-Euler angle (deg)
MEAN_EA2=     119.598958803818 / mean of the 2nd ZYZ-Euler angle (deg)
MEAN_EA3=     172.018830935574 / mean of the 3rd ZYZ-Euler angle (deg)
DATE-OBS= '2009-10-09T04:05:59' / Start date of observations
DATE-END= '2009-10-10T14:10:06' / End date of observations
TSTART  = 3.083763643011852E+08 / time start
TSTOP   = 3.084974563931969E+08 / time stop
TELAPSE = 1.210920920116901E+05 / elapsed time
ONTIME  = 5.527363749742508E+04 / On-source time
EXPOSURE= 5.527363749742508E+04 / Exposure time
MJD-OBS = 5.511317162598594E+04 / MJD of data start time
FILIN001= 'ae504089010xi0_0_3x3n066l_cl.evt.gz' / Input file name
SEQPNUM =                    2 / Number of times this dataset processed
PROCVER = ''          / Processing script version
MK1STVER= 'mk1stfits20120530'  / Version of mk1stfits used
SOFTVER = 'Hea_08Feb2016_V6.18_Suzaku_14Nov2013_V22' / Version of HEADAS used
CALDBVER= 'hxd20110913_xis20151005_xrt20110630_xrs20060410' / Version of CALDB u
FILIN002= 'ae504089010xi0_0_5x5n066l_cl.evt.gz' / Input file name
FILIN003= 'ae504089010xi1_0_3x3n069b_cl.evt.gz' / Input file name
FILIN004= 'ae504089010xi1_0_5x5n069b_cl.evt.gz' / Input file name
FILIN005= 'ae504089010xi3_0_3x3n066a_cl.evt.gz' / Input file name
FILIN006= 'ae504089010xi3_0_5x5n066a_cl.evt.gz' / Input file name
COMMENT -------------------------
COMMENT BITPIX compressed from 32 to 8.
COMMENT Pixel values greater than 255 was set to 255.
COMMENT This file was made for JUDO-Suzaku.
COMMENT -------------------------
COMMENT   FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format is defined in 'Astronomy


We propose to observe three classes of objects, which seem independent subjects, but are closely related with each others. These subjects are the Galactic center and the ridge diffuse X-rays (GCDX & GRDX), Unidentified sources (UIDHESS) found with HESS and the hard X-rays from radio faint supernova remnants (Hard SNR) found with ASCA. Our objectives are to study individual science on each subject, combined the results, and to finally approach to a unified picture on the diffuse high energy aspects in our Galaxy.