Suzaku Observation : 808121010


HTTP dir XIS HXD for pipe-line products
SUZAKU MASTER for master database
UDON2 to quickly extract spectrum and light-curve
JUDO2 to compare with XMM, MAXI, ASCA and other data
Fits Header
TELESCOP= 'SUZAKU  '           / Telescope (mission) name
OBS_ID  = '808121010'          / Observation identification string
OBSERVER= 'AURORA SIMIONESCU'  / Principal Investigator
OBJECT  = 'VIRGO E6'           / Name of observed object
OBS_REM = '        '           / remark on observation
RA_OBJ  =             189.4485 / planned target R.A.(deg)
DEC_OBJ =              13.3587 / planned target DEC.(deg)
RA_NOM  = 1.894489000000000E+02 / Right Ascension of target (deci. deg)
DEC_NOM = 1.335150000000000E+01 / Declination of target (deci. deg)
PA_NOM  =             284.9998 / nominal position angle from north to DETY(deg)
MEAN_EA1=     189.448886051761 / mean of the 1st ZYZ-Euler angle (deg)
MEAN_EA2=      76.648488251851 / mean of the 2nd ZYZ-Euler angle (deg)
MEAN_EA3=     165.000212266981 / mean of the 3rd ZYZ-Euler angle (deg)
DATE-OBS= '2013-07-09T22:26:58' / Start date of observations
DATE-END= '2013-07-10T06:06:13' / End date of observations
TSTART  = 4.267243434461392E+08 / time start
TSTOP   = 4.267515594412531E+08 / time stop
TELAPSE = 2.721599511390924E+04 / elapsed time
ONTIME  = 1.464099511390924E+04 / On-source time
EXPOSURE= 1.464099511390924E+04 / Exposure time
MJD-OBS = 5.648293990312661E+04 / MJD of data start time
FILIN001= 'ae808121010xi0_0_3x3n066l_cl.evt.gz' / Input file name
SEQPNUM =                    2 / Number of times this dataset processed
PROCVER = ''          / Processing script version
MK1STVER= 'mk1stfits20120530'  / Version of mk1stfits used
SOFTVER = 'Hea_08Feb2016_V6.18_Suzaku_14Nov2013_V22' / Version of HEADAS used
CALDBVER= 'hxd20110913_xis20160607_xrt20110630_xrs20060410' / Version of CALDB u
FILIN002= 'ae808121010xi1_0_3x3n130b_cl.evt.gz' / Input file name
FILIN003= 'ae808121010xi3_0_3x3n066a_cl.evt.gz' / Input file name
COMMENT -------------------------
COMMENT BITPIX compressed from 32 to 8.
COMMENT Pixel values greater than 255 was set to 255.
COMMENT This file was made for JUDO-Suzaku.
COMMENT -------------------------
COMMENT   FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format is defined in 'Astronomy


We propose a legacy-class study of the outskirts of the Virgo Cluster, the nearest, second brightest galaxy cluster in the X-ray sky. This will provide the first detailed study of the outer parts of a low-mass system, with unparalleled signal-to-noise and spatial resolution. We will observe along four distinct directions which will provide unique insight into the ongoing virialization and equilibration processes that occur during large-scale structure formation. The Virgo Cluster is dynamically complex, with clear differences in its X-ray and optical properties along the chosen axes. This, its proximity and brightness, and the unrivaled multi-wavelength follow-up data make it the ideal system for studying the effects that different accretion rates have in shaping the ICM at large radii.